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Millions of users are booking their perfect vacations online. Because of this, online tourism is necessary for companies to maintain a competitive presence in a global economy. If you and your business are not online, they won't even know you exist. CW HOLDINGS offers a unique opportunity for its clients to start your company site with little effort and at an affordable cost! We provide hosting service for hotels, dive shops, travel companies and many more that depend on each other to bring clients. Our promise is to have your site running safer, faster and better than anywhere else! We offer a great alternative to the generic offerings of corporate ISPs, cable companies and bulk providers of Internet services. Comparable to corporate providers, we offer the same services or more for much less cost in many cases. Our staff have years of IT experience and stay abreast of evolutions in the industry, and because we are a small operator we can move quickly. But unlike larger providers, our size enables us to focus on our individual customers. Support comes directly from the people in charge of the server, which translates into expert knowledgable support for you that is USA based - something that's getting harder to find in today's globalized marketplace where it's cheaper to hire foreign support that barely understands english and knows nothing about your system - expert US-Based support is something we're very proud of. If you have an issue we actually look at your account - not give you endless explainations.